Its time to heal. Its time to grow.
Its your time to be whole.

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Your personalized path to heal your mind, body, and spirit and create a more balanced life.

What’s included:

  • A private all inclusive 4 Day Retreat.
  • 3 month container of support.
  • 8 Coaching calls
  • Personalized materials for focused growth.
  • Text access to your Holistic Specialist.
  • Discounts on Flourish and Replenish retreats.
  • Access to Thrive content.*
    * Nourish Member discount to Thrive after 3 months.
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For more information schedule a time to chat.

Meet Your Guide

Rhea has been walking a path of holistic living to create balance in her life since 2011. She has managed to mitigate bi-polar tendencies, depression, childhood trauma, and codependency through holistic living.

She has spent many years learning and experimenting with a variety of skill-sets and resources to engage with life more skillfully. If you are open to learning and ready for change she’s your gal.

Ready to take your first step on your path to better living?

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