Before I came to yoga in 2011, I spent many years wandering and trying to make the most of life, but constantly ran into road-blocks. I realized that even though I was raised with good ethics and education, I didn’t have the skills to navigate my path through life with the mental ease and overall wellness needed to truly enjoy life.

After a major life change in 2011 and expressing my need for something to get my mind and body right, my aunt brought me to my first private yoga class with my first teacher, Ginny. I could hardly do anything she taught us, but I walked away from that class with the physical and mental relief that I was looking for.

I realized that Ginny possessed the qualities of life I wanted: knowledge to health and happiness, and happiness itself. From there I dedicated most of my time to attending weekly classes at her studio, reading as much material about the subject that I could find. Eventually, I realized that I had gained the skills to create mental ease and overall wellness for myself, and began to feel a calling to share this knowledge with others.

My life still has its challenges, its peaks and troughs, and the regular day to day living. I still deal with managing my mental and physical health on a daily basis. The difference now is that I have the skills to maintain my health, move back to health when I am unwell, and create the overall wellness I need to enjoy this precious life.

I am now happily living in Southern West Virginia with my partner and best friend Andrew, along with our three girls Jane, Fiona, and Trinity. I am also the proud companion to sweet Margo, my horse.

I am happiest hiking, horseback riding, camping, teaching Yoga and Ayurveda, baking, interior designing, hosting friends, making people laugh, taking care of animals, and relaxing.

I am looking forward to having you as part of my community. ❤

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