The Essence of Essential Oils

There are many ways you can deepen your yoga practice by connecting with nature.  One unique way to do so is through essential oils. 

Essential oils provide an opportunity to bring the outside in.  Into our homes, our bodies, our practice, and our communities. 

An essential oil is the “essential oil” of a botanical matter.  Oils are derived, or extracted, from the leaves, stems, flowers, peels, bark, and roots of many plants and fruits all over the world.  Each holding its own unique benefit to supporting and balancing our health and wellness.  The science and practice of such has been explored for thousands of years, particularly through Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is known as the “sister science of yoga” and in itself is a way to deepen your relationship with nature, but we will save that topic for another week! 

Back to the oils… there are three ways to utilize oils, aromatically, topically, and internally.  Aromatically experiencing and experimenting with oils is a way to easily incorporate the benefits of oils into your yoga practice and daily life.  In our modern era, diffusers have become a common household item that can provide cleaner air and a more inspiring, motivating, cleansing, or relaxing atmosphere.  We can experience the same benefits, and then some, through topical use as well. 

There are however certain aspects to be aware of marketed oils when utilizing them  topically or internally.  Not all oils are made the same.  Some oil providers go through extraction processes with non-organic material often leaving fillers in their products.  Although there are no oils certified through the FDA there are providers that follow rigorous processing and testing to ensure the highest quality of oils from organic materials and most often times grown and extracted from their natural habitats. 

Utilizing essential oils topically can allow for different benefits of the plants to emerge.  For example, tea tree oil used aromatically can clean the air in your home, open your airways if congested, and awaken your mind during that 2 o’clock slump during a long work day.  However, when used topically it can alleviate acne or skin blemishes.  Introducing lavender to the air as you practice yoga can provide a calm and soothing effect as you unwind with a slow flow or meditation.  Adding a drop of lavender to your finger and massaging your temples can help to alleviate a stress induced headache and promote relaxation for sleep.  Or adding a bit of orange extract to your diffuser or wrists can invite and invigorating experience.

There is much to explore and discover with essential oils.  Essential oils that can help our bodies can also clean our homes and even repel unwanted insects while spending time outside.  Modern day science has granted us an opportunity to efficiently bring the benefits of nature into your yoga practice and life through the gift of essential oils.

With so much to learn and explore with this unique modality I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the resources to experience the benefits of essential oils. 

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