An Excerpt of My Story

I have always looked to Yoga to heal and grow. To move myself more skillfully down a path to health and happiness. I’ve come a long way from the troubled, angry, stressed, rebellious person I once was.

After so many years of witnessing so many unhealthy patterns in my life I knew I needed help. I needed a different mindset and skill-set. One that provided me with healthy coping strategies, tools and techniques that I could heal my mind with and take care of my body to prevent illness and disease. A system that I could use to bring myself back to health when things got too overwhelming.

I found all of that in the health system of Ayurveda.

I came into this modality through yoga, which is a form of treatment and maintenance in Ayurveda. At first it was hard to change, but through a regular practice even just once a week I began to see changes. To see space between my thoughts, emotions, and actions. Enough space to begin to interact and not just react.

It was amazing!

I felt free in my body no longer constrained by chronic stress. I was able to release the shit that no longer served me and lead myself to true happiness and content within.

And it just keeps getting better!

I have learned ways to heal the mind, body, a spirit no matter the root cause through this health system and I am SO excited and honored to share with you everything I know that can give you the power to lead yourself to a happy healthy life you enjoy.

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