A Seat for You At My Table <3

There were about 70 people in my first teacher training from all over the world. “Wow, what an opportunity to connect with so many new people.” I thought.

As I tried to make friendships I saw everyone forming into cliques and groups, eating their meals together, working on assignments and spending our free time together. Even though I tried, I was always somehow excluded.

I remember sitting alone during a meal, as was the trend so far, when someone said, “Do you mind if I sit with you?”

Shock and excitement bubbled up in my heart, I couldn’t believe someone wanted to sit with me! I was starting to wonder if there was something inherently wrong with me at this point.

I looked up, and much to my surprise it was one of my teachers, Coby.
She sat with me everyday after and invited me to eat with her and her colleagues too. 
Even as one of the most prominent and influential teachers of the last 10 years she still sat with the young girl just starting her journey. 

I will always appreciate feeling welcomed by my teacher.

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